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Magleby's Miracle Home

Micah Magleby passed from this life on 10/12/14. He fought for 3 years to battle a horrible cancer. Micah leaves behind his wife Tonya of 13 years and 4 beautiful boys, Aiden 10, Mason 8, McCoy 5 and Remington 1. Micah was the best Dad to his 4 boys and loved his wife more than anything. Micah has no life insurance or any way currently for this wonderful family to earn income. Medical bills are high and they need your help. know that he would want more than anything for everyone to come together for this common cause. We ask that you donate what you feel is right in your heart. We thank you in advance for your generosity. May the Lord keep and watch over them.


Above is the message attached to a fund that has been set up to benefit this family. So many kind and thoughtful people that we work with have approached us and asked, "Let us know how we can help?" I just kept thinking that the money in the fund could be spent and gone within a few months, and there has got to be another way to give something to this family that could last longer. With so many people willing to donate and help, the idea came to me to build this family a home with the donations of time, labor, money and supplies from dozens of friends, family, sub-contractors and suppliers that associated with Micah. At first, the idea seemed crazy and too big for us to accomplish, but the thought would not go away. Most businesses give charity to good causes every year, why not give to this cause. I couldn't think of a more noble cause than this. I started to put the idea out there to a few of our sub-contractors. The response was immediate, and huge. Within 2 days, I had several commitments to not only provide free labor on the home, but to go to their suppliers and ask for discounts or free materials. We comitted to help get this family into a home. We have secured a building lot, we have plans selected and we are planning to break ground on this home in March 2015. We still have some areas that we don't have commitments on, and we are still raising money, but we are confident that we will reach this worthy goal. We are so excited about this opportunity we have to work on this project. Please contact us and pass this on to anyone that may be willing to help.

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